Carpet can be the more affordable, healthier option

According to a Harvard University Study, people are remodeling their homes more than ever before. Here at True Steam, having years of experience dealing with all floor types, we offer our professional opinion on why we feel carpet can often be a great choice when remodeling.

When it comes to choosing between carpet, hardwood, and tile for your home, the decision can be very tricky. Tile looks so nice and is so easy so clean. Carpet is comfortable and feels warmer on your feet. Hardwood – a timeless addition to any house. Each type of flooring offers its own unique features and reasons why people continue to install it in their homes. There are some disadvantages to each floor type also.

Lets start with tile. Tile has some attributes that make it very popular for people to use in their kitchens. It will not be ruined if someone spills a bowl of spaghetti in the middle of the floor. Just simply pick it up and wipe up the mess. Kitchens are often the busiest room in the house and receive the most foot traffic. Tile is going to hold up very well over time to heavy foot traffic. However, tile is an expensive option both for the materials and for the installation of the floor. Grout lines can often pose a problem for the average household cleaner and a professional is often required to restore grout back to its original color, although compared to the other two, maintenance is the cheapest for tile.

A big disadvantage for tile is that dust and dirt sit on top of the floor and get kicked up every time someone walks by, or even when a window is left open and a breeze blows through. This then goes into our lungs in through the air we breathe, which can further aggravate allergies or breathing conditions.

Wood floors are also at a big disadvantage since they do not trap dust or dirt. They look great. Wood will last a long time if the correct maintenance is performed. Spills are usually not too big of a problem, although maintenance is often required to keep the floors looking good in high traffic areas such as hallways. Wood is very easy to scratch, and new coats of wax are often required to keep a good looking ‘sheen’. Wood is also very expensive to install and is the most expensive out of the 3 floor types to maintain over time.

Carpet has the ability to make a room feel warm. The right choice of carpet can transform a dull boring house into a house full of energy and character. Carpet is very popular in our living rooms, bedrooms and family rooms because it is soft, easy to walk on and provides support for our feet. Carpet has been proven to improve air quality by filtering out allergens, dirt and dander and retaining it in the fibers. Carpet is also a less expensive option over wood and tile, and reduces the noise in your home. If correctly maintained, carpet will make a great, healthy addition to any home and True Steam will be there to keep it clean.

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