Carpet and Upholstery Maintenance Tips

When you buy a new couch, or purchase new carpet for your home, you are buying it based on its appearance, quality and value. Dirt has a negative effect on all 3 of these factors. When dirt builds up in your carpet or upholstery, it acts like millions of tiny shards of sandpaper; abrading and eventually breaking down the fibers. In turn, this causes them to appear dull and worn and is often most visible in hallways, staircases and in front of couches.

Vacuuming works!

It is important to stay on top of dirt by vacuuming as often as possible. Carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming once a week. This is especially important for pet owners and parents of small children. Check your vacuum regularly to make sure the bag doesn’t need replacing and that it is still working effectively. A properly working vacuum makes a HUGE difference. Don’t forget to vacuum your couch also!

Air filters – preventative maintenance

Change your air filters on a regular basis. In some houses, most commonly on the second floor, a black line will begin to form around the baseboards. This is known as soil filtration and occurs when dirt and dust in the air begin to filter down the walls and through the carpets. This can be avoided by changing out your air filters for your HVAC systems. Once the soil filtration lines appear, they are a very tough stain to remove and will only get worse with time. Changing your air filters also has many health benefits and is proven to reduce allergens in your home.

‘Spot Treat’ Spills…fast!

The sooner the better when it comes to cleaning up spills. The longer a spill remains on a fiber, the longer it has to ‘set in’ and adhere to the material. Blotting a spill with a dry towel is always recommended to try and remove as much of the liquid as possible. It is then best to treat it with a non-aggressive spot cleaner with a neutral pH. Remember: Always make sure your spot cleaner does not bleach or discolor your carpet before using. Test it is an inconspicuous area. Use a wet towel to ‘rinse’ the area and remove cleaner. Finally, blot again with a dry towel to get the area as dry as possible.

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