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It Make your floors look nicer, longer

Hardwood floors are a great feature of every home. If properly maintained hardwood floors can last a lifetime, while bringing warmth and elegance to your home. Here at True Steam we have perfected the art of Professional Wood Floor cleaning with our multi stage cleaning and sealing process. Our trained technicians operate professional grade machinery and techniques to have your floors looking their very best.

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Richmond VAAt True Steam we bring top quality service and experience in all areas of professional floor cleaning, whether that be in a residential or commercial setting. Our mission is to make the cleaning process easy and straight forward for you, while achieving amazing results that leave you 100% satisfied. As a locally owned company we proudly serve Richmond, Henrico, Midlothian, Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, Ashland and the surrounding counties.

The Cleaning Process

Our industry leading cleaning process starts with a thorough inspection of your hardwood floors to check for any areas that may require extra attention. The next step in our professional wood floor cleaning process is to vacuum. This ensures that we remove any dirt or large debris before cleaning. Our powerful rotating brush machine and scrubber then applies the cleaning solution and dries it in one motion, leaving your floors almost completely dry. The brushes on the machine allow us to clean deep between the planks, removing all the dirt that builds up over the years. Our last step is to do a final cleaning pass with our neutralizing solution to bring your floors back to their natural state.

Buff and Coat

After the cleaning process we recommend that customers invest in a Hardwood Floor Sealer which will further prolong and protect the hardwood floors. The coat adds a protective and shiny layer to the floor, giving it extra protection from spills, scuffs and general wear and tear. When the original layer of factory protection wears thin it is time to recoat your floors. Exposed wood without finish quickly rots with any moisture and easily absorbs dirt.


We recommend that you sweep and vacuum your floors regularly. Dirt and dust build up act like sandpaper under your feet, speeding up the aging process for wood. Using doormats can greatly reduce the amount of dust and dirt that make it onto your floor. Clean up any spills immediately and don’t allow any water or drinks to sit on the hardwood floors for long amounts of time. Deep scratches can cause permanent damage so avoid things such as high heels inside, and place cusioned pads on moving furniture such as chairs and tables. We recommend having your hardwood floors professionally cleaned at least once a year, more if you have pets or children.

Scheduling An Inspection

If you have any questions or would like our technicians to inspect your hardwood floors for a cleaning, contact us today at (804) 298 0287 or fill out the “Contact Form” on the Home Page.


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